Day 29 – Things that make me feel…

Dear Diary,

Coming home last night, soaring somewhere up above cloud nine I thought to myself, I must be one weird woman. Things that make me feel AAAW an AAAAH and ‘I am the king of the world’ are not really the ‘things’ (Oh, you’d know what I mean)

That kind of feeling. That kind of comparison

Getting that job

It is all about ‘legally blonde’ moment. It goes something like that: you ache and wait for something or someone to happen only to get THAT JOB and realise that what you are feeling at this moment is way better than what other something or someone could have ever given you.

Meeting that author

Brings me back to the idea for this post.

Yesterday I went to meet Alexander McCall Smith. He is visiting Australia at the moment, promoting his new book Time of Love and Tartan (44 Scotland Street series).

I am in love with him. I am truly, deeply am. Firstly, it is about his writing. It is kind, entertaining, philosophical, wise and deep and rich as good chocolate. Then, it is him himself. The man behind all these wonderful books is highly intelligent, kind, funny (hilarious), generous and outright entertaining.

Yesterday I fell even more deeply in love with the man. I was coming home and grinning from ear to ear. Holding my book and looking at the autograph and the photos… I had no one to share my joy with (until I got home). And I thought to myself. This is THAT moment.


Watching that movie or reading that book

You know the feeling when you leave the cinema as if you are leaving your friends behind. It is when the movie speaks your language and tells your story.

The same feeling you might get reading a book. You can be on the train and all over sudden you gasp and cover your mouth. ‘This character is so me’. ‘This story is my story’.

Immediately, you want to be friends with the author and your heart is swelling with gratitude and serenity at the fact that someone else knows, feels, understands.

35451740 The Memory Shop

Seeing that place

I will repeat myself yet again. But.

THAT feeling that I get when I hear opening theme to Sherlock does so much for me.

It takes me out of my reality and routine. It brings me to the place, environment, space and dreamscape I love.

It is my escape and my medicine

Doing that thing

Well, I saved the most rebellious for last.

THAT feeling you get when you do, achieve, overcome, and get something everyone said you can’t.

Yeah, right. Try me


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