Day 30 – Things to say to 5 people

Dear Diary,

We all experienced that ‘I would have said’ moment millions of times in our lives

Also, we grew, matured, learnt… or not and have a lot to say to past loves, lies and tears, don’t we?

Here are some of the things I would have said.

To that boy

You are an idiot. Yes, you are handsome as hell and you kiss amazingly. But you are a back-stabbing sleaze bag and an idiot. I know. Let’s leave it at that. I know it was you…

To that girl

I loved you. I loved you with all my heart and soul. I fought for you. I trusted you. You made your choice. Was it worth it? We both know it was not. I am sorry. I am sorry you lost. I am grateful that it was you

To that man

I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. But above all else I wish you someone in your life that would treat you the same way you have treated me. Well, as they say ‘when this girl cried, heaven listened’

To Miss Phryne Fisher and Jack Robertson (TV-series version)

Hurry up, will you. You do not have much time left. Soon it will be 1939 and you will have to part and go to war. And you will go to war. Both of you, I know. Thus, hurry up. Love each other, ravish each other, spoil and spoil some more. I am not saying, get married and have kids. Not the right type of people. Not the right time in history. But, use every second to love each other and make sure the other one knows exactly how you feel.

To hell with propriety and pretences. Life is short. Time is running out.

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