Lawyering in shorts and thongs – Book review for NetGalley – Vindication by H.Terrell Griffin

35395089.jpg Vindication

Well, all in all the book is readable. The story is good. The unravelling, not so. There are so many pointless and very long passages (thoughts, plans, actions of the main character) that have no bearing on the story. I had to flip pages and flip pages.

The mystery is good. However, it is not very clear how the hero gets to the point of it. He, the hero, is a nice guy, not your usual crime-novel-centre. He is healthy, has no PTSD of any kind or any sceletons in his closet. He even has a successful relationship with a woman and has lots of fiends. He is liable beach bum, who cannot get lawyering out of his system.

Helping his girlfriend’s aunt to get out of a tight place is what he does for the whole book. The mystery in the book is as much about the murder as it is about old wounds, secrets and revenge.

Sounds interesting? It does. So bear with it if you can.

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