Three Basketeers – Book review for NetGalley – The Year that Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly

34320089 The Year that Changed Everything

Three women born on the same day with ten years apart. Three life stories. Three basket cases, in one sens or another, take a year to get to the bottom, to get up and get their lives in order.

I loved this book because it felt like my own life story was told through three women. I could identify with all three of them. I loved them and I was made at them, in places. I wanted to know howq they would get to their happy endingings.

I had my own ideas. Some of them turned out to be correct predictions, some of them did not. Anyhow, I enjoyed this easy and comfortable read.

The stories are stretched and exagerrated in some places but still, three stories become one and everyone is happy in the end, including the reader.

A nice summer-time read when you want a bit of a rest.

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