Deeper than water – Book review for NetGalley – The Lido by Libby Page

34709995 The Lido

It is all about water. It is all about life. It is all about love: for water, for life and for love itself.

Closing down local Lido to free the space for posh apartments sparks many passions to life. Some of them for good, some of them for even better. While the closing of swimming pool is still pending, lives will be mended, loves will be found and remembered and futures will be planned and imagined.

The Lido is a lovely, deep, warm and life-affirming story. It crosses generations and cultures, social statuses and educational backgrounds. It teaches you to dig deeper and reminds you not to look beyond the horizon for the best things in life.

Sometimes all you need is a park, a bench and a local swimming pool.

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