Are we body or soul – Book review for NetGalley – The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

35967101.jpg The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

What comes first, body or soul? Where is the threshold beyond which we become what we think we are or what other tells us we are? What is punishment? And where are its limits?

This book is weird and amazing, it is soul-searching and hair-rising, tantalizing and revolting at the same time, or shall I say ‘in the same day’.

Blackheath is the place not to be. It is the place never to be found, located, mapped or visited. It is in no country, in no time and in no reference setting what so ever. It could have been in England or in the United States. The events could have happened after the World War 1 or North South War… It does not matter. The time and place does not matter.

What matters are the essence of the people and the lengths they are prepared to go to achieve their goals. Their goals matter too. Are they selfish or selfless? Are they for the benefit of others or for greed?

The book started very slow, but then it took me (the same way the main character was overtaken by events around him). I read and read. I could not wait to finish it to find out what, where, who and how.

The story made me think so many thoughts. It made me question our own essences. Yes, there is body and there is soul. But what if we really can travel from body to body? Do we become the body we are in?

The deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle as well as many other deaths in this story are important and intersting. The mystery and revelations are mysterious and revealing. But what I found most interesting is the story of the story itself. How it was all planned out, by whom, why and to what end…

Brrrr. What a story. Read. Gape. Enjoy

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