Matter of friends and death – Book review for NetGalley – Now You See Her by Heidi Perks

36478642 Now You See Her

You get to mind your best friend’s only daughter… And the girl disappears from under your nose. What do you do? How do you live with it? How do you look in your best friends’ eye?

You lead a quiet family life. You are devoted to your child. Your husband loves you to the Moon and back. He forgives you your confusions and craziness. You even believe that you are crazy… But look closer. Your life is miserable. You are pushed into a corner. You can not confide in anyone, even in your best friend. You do not trust anyone because nobody trusts you.

Now You See Her scared me as a mother, disgusted me as a friend and appealed to me as a woman who survived her marriage… just. The story makes you look at everything twice, ten times. It reminds you that you can not take sides in life. As you never know what side you might end up yourself.

The search for the lost girl uncovers a lot of secrets, fears, loss and hope. Some relationship will end up ruined for good. Some relationships will start a new. Some mistakes will be rectified and more mistakes will be made. This story is as messy as our lives. People in our life make it (life) so much more complicated and complex.

Our best friends can be our worst enemies. Our husbands can be the most evil monsters. We, as mothers and human beings, can find ourselves pushed in such a place and a space where everything and anythings is possible, where we are capable of just about everything and more.

Now You See Her… do you? Do you really her (your daughter, your wife, your friend) for what she really is? Or you simply see what you like, what is comfortable and safe for you? Ponder on it, why don’t you.

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