It takes a woman to make a man – Book review for NetGalley – The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

38114460.jpg The Way of All Flesh

Dead bodies of women come up here and there in Edinburgh. Their demise investigated or ignored, depending of what kind of women they were. Police is not paying much attention to the goings on in the slams of Edinburgh. The New Town is a different story.

There is a famous women’s doctor who takes a new assistant. This new assistant has a very dark back story and seemingly bright prospects if he can keep himself in check. A young housemaid will help this young doctor to do just so. Moreover, these two would get together to solve the murders at very high cost.

It is Edinburgh. It is nineteenth century. It is medical murder mystery. All the ingredients for a recipe of a suspenseful, nail-biting thriller… not.

The Way of All Fresh is nicely done. It is set in the right place within the right time. It is filled with right kind of characters. It is very atmospheric and candle-lighted. However, it is missing the mark.

Yes, there is a dead body, rather dead bodies. Yes, there is a detective and a sidekick. Yes, there is a bad guy, a very bad guy. But the narration is too slow and winded. It gets lost in itself in a few places. Half way through the book I forgot whether this was a crime story or medical drama. The unfolding took forever.

However, to give the authors (a duet in this case) their dues, the story is good, when it makes it to the end. It is readable. I would not go as far as making it into a series.

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