Mommies Dearest – Book Review for NetGalley – The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

35887193.jpg The Perfect Mother

I have been there myself. I was a first time mum once. A long time ago. Now I am older and wiser. Now I am jaded and sageful. Now I can smile and wave away first-time-mums agonies and shenanigans. They are crazy. They are mumzillas… But

Losing a child is unspoken nightmare. Losing a child and being blamed for it…

We, as mums, are trying our best. We do everything and more for our little ones. We fail some and we win some. We loose sleep and gain weight. But we never stop being human. And we never turn into our babies robot-servants. We are still who we are (and we have to constantly remind ourselves and people around as of this fact).

But, everything can be turned upside down. Everything has an angle. Everything has a story. And if a story sells… Nightmare that started when a baby disappers from his cot expands into armagedon when story breaks on the news. It gets even worse when the mum in question turns out to be TV star from bygone years. Add to the mix a girls night out, deleted ‘nanny’ app on the phone, lost key and an ex-boyfriend. You will get a warped coils of crazyness…

And crazy it is. All of it. It is so crazy it can definitely be true. It is so serious, so multi-layered that only a crazy human can make it up… But why? And where is the baby?

Meanwhile, a number of stories reveal themselves along the way. All the members of the May Mommies club come out. Or do they?

I guess, you will have to read for yourself. Don’t forget to hug your baby and kiss him or her a zillion times while reading this story. And thank your lucky stars. And spit over your left shoulder..

Amazing, engrossing read. I flew through it in a couple of days. Could not put the book down. Congratulations on the novel debut.

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