Almost like old times – Book Review for NetGalley – Murder at Keswick: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by William Todd

40359167.jpg Murder at Keswick

Picturesque Lake District, summer season, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. What more can one want? Nothing. Well, one can want to see how Sherlock behaves on holiday… But one would have to wait indefinitely as The Death does not take a holiday, ever.

Mr Holmes and Dr Watson find themselves in English resort holidaying  solving a murder. True to the norm, Sherlock is being Sherlock and Watson… well, this Watson talks too much even for Watson. However, it all works quite well together. I even found the language a bit more brain-friendlier than Conan Doyle’s.

Pastiche novels are always a very strange kettle of fish. When it works it is amazing. When it does not, it is horrible. The author gave himself a very heavy task and even heavier burden to walk in ‘master’s shoes. But, legend must live on. Mr Todd did a great job.

A very fun and cozy read, just like Lake District in summer.

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