Let me go – Book review for NetGalley – Before I let you go by Kelly Rimmer

35758169 Before I let you go

Who lets go of whom? This is a very loaded question when it comes to this book. Before I let you go is the story of older sister who, eventually, lets go of her younger sister. But she never lets go of herself…

The story of addiction is always a nightmare. The person cursed with any type of addiction destroys not only himself/herself but everyone around them. In this book, the younger sister destroyed older’s sister youth, sanity and self-belief. She trained her to ‘solve problems’. She taught her older sister to turn on ‘tunnel vision’ at the first request and soldier on.

However, the time has come to pay the dues. Younger sister… Well, there will be a lot of pain, anguish, sorrow, grief, horror, more pain and tears before there will be any light.

The problems of mothers and daughter, husbands and wives, sisters, work and home – they are all touched on here.

This book made me sad and made me angry. Being mum myself, I got really mad at girls’ mum, like really mad. There are right priorities and wrong priorities in life. We can’t be our parents’ parent. No way. We, as mothers, can never take anything before our children. Never.

The older sister soldiers on. She solves the problems and lives on. But she still does not let herself go..

A very touching, nerve-drilling, lip-biting read. A must for mothers, daughters, sisters and everyone else.

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