We live by lies – Book Review for NetGalley – The Liars’ Asylum by Jacob M. Appel

35664645.jpg The Liars’ Asylum

This book took two tries. On the first attempt I approached as the description on Goodreads said: a collection of love stories. I started reading it and quit. It did not take me at all.

Then, I decided to give NetGalley its dues and read the book and started again. And the second time I absolutely loved this quirky, funny and twisted read.

The Liars’ Asylum is as much about love as it is about lies. It is about lies. The lies we tell to survive, to protect our loved ones’ feelings, to get ahead, to fit in. The white lies.

This collection, from artificial giraffes to truth rain, is full of unexpected surprises and peculiar niceties. The Liars’ Asylum is read in one breath. Summer time read for sure.

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