You can’t mend a broken cup – Book review for NetGalley – Just Another Week in Suburbia by Les Zig

35842190.jpg Just Another Week in Suburbia

One week can change life. It can turn your world upside down and break your heart. It can bring you so much pain and no joy. It can… be just another week in suburbia.

A story of betrayal from man’s eyes was an eye-opener for me. This book took a piece of my heart and soul with it. I finished it in one day. I really wanted to see how it all turns out.

English High School teacher has a job, a house in suburbs, a beautiful wife and a dog. Him and his wife are socialising well with friends and are trying for a baby. Everything is just right… on the surface.

Just Another Week in Suburbia’ characters are alive enough to create environment and different view points. The main character finally reaches the point of no return, or does he?

Would you mend a broken cup? Would you trust a person again?

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