When champagne is not enough – Book review for NetGalley – A Necessary Murder by M.J.Tjia

39021864 A Necessary Murder

Hello, my friend. This is exactly how this book felt. This book is second adventure of Heloise Chancey. I met her again. I spend a couple of days in her company. And just like an old friend, I was happy to see her but a bit bored with her stories (as I knew what she is like by now).

A Necessary Murder felt a bit slow to begin with (too many champagne bubbles, I guess). But then it sped up and unfolded quite nicely.

The second case of Mrs Chancey turned out quite fun to read about. There was too much blood, too many man, some loving and a lot of hating, a few secrets and some silly babies. It all turned out all right at the end… or did it?

Read on. It’s fun.

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