When Lady is too much – Book review for NetGalley – Lady Helena Investigates (#1 Scott-de-Quincy Mysteries) by Jane Steen

38589263.jpg Lady Helena Investigates

A very nice costume drama on the page. Too much of everyday detail, not much investigation.

The first installment feels just like that – one part of a larger picture. The nartration is interesting but un-hurried There is plenty of time for all sorts of detail and flashbacks.

A story of young aristocratic widow who was widowed in time for ne law to come in action – not to lose her inheritance to any husband-to-be. Lady Helena is free, young and wealthy. She needs to learn how to manage it all including her vast estate and numerous and nosy relatives.

What is there to investigate? As it turns out, a lot. English country estates ith their green hills and herds of sheep hide nasty surprises and secrets around every turn and corner. In this story, Lady Helena simply stirs the murky waters. She stumbles on secrets by accident and uncovers crime and guilty parties through her kindnes and her lady-like and not so lady-like activities, rather than sleuthing.

Everything gets wrapped up with a bow or under the carpet (as it is supposed to with English aristocracy) in the end.

Would I read on? A very slight chance. This book is more period drama than crime novel. It is a bit much and does little to satisfy crime lover’s thirst for order and process and suspense.

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