What a lot of noise – Book review for NetGalley – Death in the Stocks by Georgette Heyer

40597261 Death in the Stocks

This book as so much fun to read. It felt a bit like Miss Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries, but not really.

Characters were so noisy. They were like wrapping paper being torn and suffled constantly and endlessly. Too much white noise. But the noise itself was fun.

Two murders. Too many suspects. Suspects ho do their worst to make police arrest them. A love story or two. All in all a good ball of yarn with plenty of knots to keep one entertained.

A constant though I had – will the characters ever be serious? Or they forever be grand-standing and speaking in quotes, metaphors and unfinished sentences. I guess this as the whole point. This white and colourful noise made the story of two murders, two broken engagements so superficial it was fun to read.

Good old crime story from the golden age of detective fiction.

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