Love as target on your back – Book review for NetGalley – The Sunday Girl by Pip Drysdale

39989936.jpg The Sunday Girl

What a scary story. It is een more scarier because you realise that this can actually happen. People are so evil when they are evil, there are no boundaries or limits as to hat they can do to you just for fun if nothing else. Moreover, there is nothing one cannot do to stay alive, to stop being a ictome. And when one is pushed into a cornder… Who are we to judge or blame.

A story of a relationship between tall dark handsome and wealthy sociopath and good ‘Sunday girl’ from a broken family. She was looking for true love. He was looking for her. He found her, marked her and made her his own.

Taylor is not stupid nor she is wane, weak or backless. She is naive when it comes to men. But aren’t we all? We meet a new person with open eyes and… She met her man. She fell in love. She… blamed herself.

But he hurt her so bad and ugly. Taylor decided to retailate. It all turned upside down and from woman of vengeance Taylor quickly became a victim, a prey.

Taylor was looking for a way out. She was strifing for a point in time hen she will no longer feel scared. She found it. Moreover, she found new love. But she lost a piece of herself along the way. But may be it was just some ‘baby fat’ that came off…

Amazingly thrilling and consuming read. I had to finish it in one day, I could not put it don. I saw myself in Taylor. And I said a lot of graces while reading this novel. I was thankful to realise, once again, that my ex-husband was not smart enough or brave enough to deliver on all his threats.

Don’t judge… until you stand in her place…

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