New crime series set in Yorkshire – Book review for NetGalley – The Body in The Dales by J.R.Ellis (Book #1)

39096040.jpg The Body in the Dales

The first instalment of murder mysteries set in picturesque Yorkshire dales, The Body in The Dales was an interesting read, on many levels.

Firstly, this was a book about intelligent Oxford-graduated detective who likes classical music and knows a lot of big words. Secondly, Oldroyd (detective) story and stories of the most characters are very human and ‘bodily’ warm. Thirdly, the setting is amazing. Yeah, I’d love to see the Dales for myself.

Author did a great job of creating a setting, a place, an atmosphere. The mystery and suspense was even more alien, out of place, horrific and worrying because it happened in such a beautiful, restful and friendly place.

A guy hated by all is found dead at the bottom of the cave. A new detective is in town. An old detective finds himself married to his job way more than he was married to his wife. By the end of the book a lot of knots get untangled. Some to be untangled in the next instalments.

J.R.Ellis need to be congratulated for writing a murder-mystery in such a way that every step on the road of solving the mystery is even more interesting than the actual ‘whodunit’.

I am already reading the second instalment. And, by the way, I found all the Schubert’s pieces Oldroyd listens to… worth a read and a listen.

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