Insincerity in good taste – Book review for NetGalley – Perfect Liars by Rebecca Reid

39682040 Perfect Liars

Who needs enemies with besties like these?

Three girls grew up into three young women. They have their own lives, loves, failures and losses. Their lives are not perfect. They are… lives. However, those three girls are connected to each other forever and ever. They are tied together and tied down by a shared secret, by a lot of shared secrets.

A story of dangerous friendship where each girls skates on thin ice every step of the way. What to say? What to wear? How to look? How to pretend? Those three are playing a dangerous game with each other and people around them. They are playing for keeps. They are playing to death.

It all ends very badly, very badly indeed. A dinner party quickly turns into a rescue/crisis avoidance mission with S.W.A.T. resources and power.

Do they hate each other that much? Do they even like each other? Have they ever? I do not think so.

It was all about elonging and fitting in. It was all about acting grown up rather than actually growing up.

I read this book and shivered. Being a mum of 17 year old young lady (just the age the characters of this book where when it all started), this book made me feel angry and sad. I was sad for girls and angry at their parents. They have lost their girls long before those girls made horrible mistakes, long before they grew up into hollograms of people they wanted to pretend to be.

A story of pretence, secret, lies, fears and inferiorities of various grades. Perfect Liars is a roller-coster ride for all who dares to read it.


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