Can Sugar get sour? – Book review for NetGalley – Sugar: My life as Sugar Babe by Monique X

40667863 Sugar

This book was first of the kind for me. I heard and have noticed the trend for call girl and escort memoirs and even watched an episode of ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ (the only reason I watched it was because the lead role was played by spouse of the cute guy who plays detective in Lewis))). Go figure).

Anyhow, Sugar was my first experience with such memoirs of the culture of ‘love-for-hire’. And I have to admit, I read the book in one go. I was really interested in the main character’s reasoning, in her feelings and emotions, in her duality.

The main character Monique is Oxford educated single mother of two girls chooses the life of Sugar Dating or rather the life chooses her. I still do not understand this choice completely but I have come to respect it. From my own position of university-educated single mother of one (I’ve been through similar hell of a marriage as well). However, Monique and I made different choices…

Monique Sugar Dates for 2 years and that’s it. She comes out on the other end a changed woman… Good luck to her.

The book is an interesting re-course into human psychology and human nature. There are a few sentences that I think I will re-use as quotes, they are so spot on.

Sugar is the book for women, for grown-up women with life choices and life experiences behind us. It is one more view on life, people, love, relationship and what sells and what’s given.

It is not about approving or disapproving ‘love-for-hire’ or criticizing sex for sale. The author is not asking us to. It is not up to us, readers, to judge. The choice is made. And we are shown in detail what it means to go with such a choice.

A worthy read.

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