Men and their bikes – Book review for NetGalley – Three Men On Their Bikes by Richard Mapes

40861257 Three Men On Their Bikes

Or what a joy it was to read. I have not read Jerome K Jerome’s ‘Three Men In A Boat’ but I’ve seen the Russian movie version of it. The movie was done so well and the actors (all stars) did such a great job that quotes from the movie became vernacular among population. I myself use quite a few quotes from this move.

The book my Richard Mapes is no different. It is funny, light, entertaining and insightful. You get to know three main characters with all their flaws and weaknesses. You get to know a bit about biking and English countryside (things you would not get to know if you are not on a bike).

Three Men On Their Bikes is a story of three friends whom life is pulling apart. Three day bike holiday is their chance to catch up and to renew their friendship. Will it work? Will they enjoy the holiday? Will they survive?

Well, I guess you have to read the book. Beware, you will laugh out loud in quite a few places.

A joyful and restful read.

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