My friend Reaper – Book review for NetGalley – First Grave to the Right by Darynda Jones (#1 Charley Davidson)

8788554.jpg Charley Davidson Book #1

If you loved True Blood and Sookie, you will definitely find some fun moments with Charley Davidson PI and Grim Reaper (not so grim, but).

The first book in these series grew on me page by page. I decided to give these series a go for NetGalley. I started the book and even thought of leaving it be. Too much of a smart-mouth, too much up-beat text… but.

I loved it. I read it in a day. It was fun. There was enough suspense, enough backstory, enough grim, grime and gore. And, yes, enough sex to keep one interested.

Will I read the series? I think I will find the time during up coming holidays. Why? I’d love to know how Grim Reaper’s love life will turn out.

If you are looking for some supernatural, outrageous, smart-mouth fun, these series are for you. They will take you on the ride and won’t leave you reeling.

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