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Dear Diary,

I’ve neglected you.

But this is a story for another day.

Today I am diving right into it – into writing, curating and sharing.

I’ve been a crime-fiction buff, fan, lover and even scholar for as long as I remember. The origins of my crime-fiction addiction will become a blog post one day. However, today is just a quick share-recommendation.

A while ago American literary digest LITHUB sprouted an equally interesting daily digest for crime lovers of all sort – CRIMEREADS.

I get both of the digests. As everything else in my inbox, I forget to check them daily. But when I do check them I find quite interesting quotes, mentions and even ideas for blogs or articles. What I find the most are reading recommendations (as if my TBR pile was not big enough as it is).

Today is not an exception. It is murky gray outside and very very quiet. Just the right atmosphere for crime novel.

Here are suggestions from all over the world as curated by CRIMEREADS.


A look at the year’s 10 best mysteries and crime novels from around the globe.

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