Notes from Quarantine – Part 1

Lessons lived are lessons learnt

Dear Diary and My Lovely Readers,

I hope you are well and are keeping safe and sane in these unpredictable and unprecedented times.

#COVID19 or whatever it is is teaching us a lesson or many lessons. What they are, we will find out eventually. Or so I hope. However, there are some day-lessons we can all take from each day we #stayhome.

This is my second week working from home. I am getting the hang of it. And I am very grateful for this opportunity.

My previous contract finished in February. Yeah, right, just in time… I was beginning to worry and even get anxious about sitting at home with no definite start date for the new job. I was counting the days and watching all the news updates like a hawk. I was lucky. I got to start a new job. In these crazy times, having a job, even a temporary one, is a huge blessing.

When Lockdown Stage 2 started in Australia, thousands, millions of people lost their jobs. Social Security system crashed. Government were trying to push aid packages through as quickly as they could. People were in panic. I was in panic. What if I have to join the que for the dole? What if?

I came to Australia twenty seven years ago. I have worked all the time since then. I even had only 3 months of maternity leave. I can not not work. I have to have a routine, plans, deadlines and targets. I have to have my team next to me and around me.

Now I am learning online teamwork. I am learning a new job at a new agency. I count my blessings every day. I count my blessings every time technology is giving me a headache, every time I wake up, dress up and sit in front of my computer ‘to go to office’.’

Second week working from home 


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