Notes from Quarantine – Part 2 – Toilet Paper Craze

I have no idea where it is coming from but people have gone completely mad buying… toilet paper of all things… And this craze has taken not one city but the whole world

My Dearest Readers,

I hope you are well and sane and just like me did not give into ‘toilet paper craze’.

I have absolutely no idea where it started and why. Some of the sources have theories on this topic, such as Sky News and Chatelaine but I am still lost in thought.

The situation in my town went from scary to ridonkelous to quote Cat from Shrek. I was stopped in the supermarket carpark numerous times and questioned by mad people (sreaming mad) where I got such a big packet of toilet paper.

Mum made me buy a big packet of toilet paper way before ‘toilet paper craze’ hit. I simply left it in the boot of my car because I had my hands full. And it stayed in the boot for weeks. That is all, really.

I got sick and tired of people stopping me and asking stupid question, so I got the paper out of the boot. And surprise surprise, toilet paper came back to the shelves of the supermarkets. Yes, it is much worse quality and way more expensive than it used to be, but still… it came back.

A crazy thought: may be ‘toilet paper craze’ is my fault. If only I got my packet out of the boot sooner… Yeah, I know. It’s a joke. But is it?

My conclusion has as much right to live and spread as the ‘toilet paper craze’ itself.

However, this phenomenon needs to be given its dues. As many other things during #covid19 crisis, ‘toilet paper craze’ flashed out people and their essences better than lie detector and psychoanalysis.

Stay safe and well


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