Notes from Quarantine – Part 3 – Curve of salvation for parents

Dear Readers,

Are you staying home? Are you staying safe and sane? I hope you are.


I am lucky in a way. My daughter is 18 and she is an independent lady with many interests and friends (online) to keep her company. Plus, she is Uni student and has extensive reading and assignments to do. Even though, she still has her moments when I am ready to scream, run and kick (in no particular order).

I feel for parents with younger kids. I feel for parents with more than one child. Being at home 24/7 is torture in itself. Firstly, you (woman of the house) quickly become an exhausted housekeeper who cleans, cooks, serves, cleans all the time.

Secondly, modern day kids are ‘gadgetphiles’. They can’t survive in the enclosed space of the house without being entertained non-stop. But all the best gadgets get boring with time. Plus, parents are watching gadgets’ usage and power usage and so forth. In this respect, we, the generation of 70 and 80 and kids of the USSR, are lucky. We know how to entertain ourselves. We used to being left to our own devices with very limited toys or means of entertaining. We are survivors.

Looking at my daughter’s friends and other kids and listening to mums’ conversations online, I feel very sorry for all of us. Keeping kids at home, inside, with no outside personal communication, without their classmates and teachers, classes and extracurricular activities is a ‘murder’.

Parents are inventive lot. They come up with millions of ideas to survive, to overcome, to learn and to connect. There is a lot of help around. Believe it or not, there is a very handy thing called ‘Bio Numerological Rhythms’ (BNR).

Every person is unique. He/she has their own bio numerological rhythms. It’s a #curve that tells you when, during the day, you have enough energy to climb Everest and when you need to get under the blanket with a book or have a nap. BNR is great help for parents at any time, but at #stayhome time especially. This curve helps parents to plan learning from home activities to better accommodate child’s energy levels. BNR curve gives parents freedom to plan and act not according to imposed schedules but according to what their child is really capable of.

To chart your child’s BNR you need:

  • Child’s birth name
  • Child’s date and time of birth
  • Child’s biological father’s full name (name and surname)
  • If your child’s birth certificate was issued in the language other than English – full name of the child and the father as it is spelled in that language

Once you have all this information, you can order BNR for your child under 18 years of age at

During the #stayhome period BNR chart for child under 18 is FREE.

Every chart comes with short explanation of the data and will look something like the picture below.


Stay home. Stay safe. Stay sane

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