Notes from Quarantine – Part 4 – Teach

Dear Readers,

I hope you are #stayhome and are safe and sane. I hope you find loads and loads to occupy yourselves. And please, do not forget to move around, even if it is inside the house.

During this unprecedented time I found it especially difficult to move around enough. I walk my dog twice a day. I move around the house a lot, like really a lot. I even read while walking around the house.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that this walking wall to wall feels like walking inside a jail cell. Are we? Are we inconcerated?

Anyhow, I find little things do big job. #Teach yourself to do something small every day.

I had to decrease my minimum steps from 10,000 to 5,000 on my FitBit app. I did this to avoid bruising my self-esteem. First, I lowered minimum steps to 3,000. However, I found out that I can do more even staying at home. Thus, I raised the plank to 5,000.

Then, I joined as many groups of FitBit app as I could or saw feasible. I get encouragement and ‘cheering’ from people all over the world. It helps heaps. Next step would be joining challenges for more than one person. But for now solo challenges work as well.

So, my lesson of the day (of the week) is:

  • do something small every day
  • don’t expect too much
  • don’t get discouraged not reaching your pre-quarantine standards
  • praise yourself every step of the way
  • celebrate your little achievements
  • write a blog about your achievements
  • share your ‘badges’ online
  • keep on with it. Don’t stop

Enjoy everything you do


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