Notes from Quarantine – Part 5 – Book(s)

Dear Readers,

I hope… no I am not going to repeat my daily mantra-wish. How about something new?

I hope you are sleeping well at night. I hope you are sleeping. Full stop. As I am not.

I do not get as physically tired as I am used to but I do get tired quickly. I get tired from staying in, from losing my routine, from doing not much at all. My body is exhausted but my brain is hyperactive.


Try to read they say. I read all the time. I read a number of books at the same time. I read for NetGalley and International Book Reviewers. I read for a couple of book clubs I attend. I read my favourite authors (most of whom I know personally) every time they release a book. I read in English and in Russian Languages. I read on the phone, on the tablet, in print. Oh… I am exhausted even listing all of these.

My Goodreads and LiveLibe pledge this year is to read 100 #books. I am ahead of the game so far.



I find it more and more difficult to concentrate on reading these days. I can’t read even a couple of pages. I want to read so much more. I have huge ToBeRead lists that I keep adding to… but… I can’t finish a single book in days.

What is it? Book overload? Exhaustion? Brain quarantine? Any ideas?

Here is a little glimpse at what I’ve read lately


Stay safe and sane… and keep reading

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