Notes from Quarantine – Part 8 – Slow

Dear Readers,

Do I need to remind you that the slogan of our days is SLOW. Take it slow. Do everything in slow motion, as you do not have anywhere to rush. You can’t possibly rush when staying inside your own house.

The only place to rush is between your bedroom and kitchen. But from what I can see on social media, rushing to the kitchen is not good for you. Travels between bedroom and kitchen, bed and fridge lead to doom… This doom will be revealed once the quarantine is over.



On the other hand, learn from your pets if you have them. I have 1 greyhound and 2 cats.  My old cat is very unsettled. I blame it on her age and may be feline dementia of sorts. She is running around the yard, trying to get in, then to get out and all over again. My greyhound is loving quarantine, because all her humans are at home all the time. She gets rubs and pats, and treats constantly. Plus, she can sleep next to my desk while I am working. It’s heaven for her.


My daughter’s cat is the example to follow while in Quarantine. She eats, hunts, struts her stuff on the fence in the backyard and… sleeps on my daughter’s bed. She is not rushing, no running. However, she is on time everywhere. If she is too slow to walk inside, I would pick her up and carry her inside. If she starts crying out of boredom, I would pick her up and put her on the bed. She would stretch and fall asleep. Her Majesty Elizabeth the Only knows the meaning of ‘slow’ and how to use it to her advantage.

And I guess we are able to notice it all because the world slowed down, because we can see things more clearly, because we have time to do so…

Stay sane and love your pets

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