Notes from Quarantine – Part 11 – Three

Dear Readers,

Do you believe that good or bad things come in three? I tend to. Especially, when it is all about bad things. They do come in three.

However, my today’s post is all about trinity of good… Let’s look for example…

When I think of three, the first image that comes to mind is that of The Three Musketeers – the Soviet Cinema version (circa 1979)

три мушкетера I always wondered, why THREE and not four. For me, D’Artagnan was the most important, and the first, of the musketeers. But I leave it up to the master Dumas. If he says THREE, then it is THREE.

Then, I think of ‘three beauties’, ‘three graces… or Alexander Pushkin’s version – three girls under the window’…

три девицы They sit, they knit, they talk…. And what they are talking about are their life wishes and life choices they are prepared to make…

They just might end up in the fairy tale of their own, paired off with folk-heroes BOGATYRS

три богатыря A Bogatyr for every girl. What more could a beauty-grace-girl want?

And who can forget these threesome?

три поросенка It is all about sharing, communication, friendship and… many other important things in life. As a child I remember liking the brick house the best…

But when it comes to me and mine, it is all about trinity of Matreshka (babushka-dolls)

три матрешки My mother – myself – my daughter. A while ago, there were 4 Matreshkas in our family… But my grandmother passed away. Now we have to wait until I get the biggest gift of all – a granddaughter, to restore 4 Matreshkas set.

Our trinity is the union of strength, hope, respect, love and encouragement. I am not complete without the other two. One of them gave me life and I gave life to another. The continuity of life, love, kin and tradition.

What more could you want from THREE?

Stay safe and sane. Stay connected


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