Notes from Quarantine – Part 12 – Music

Dear Readers,

What is the music to your ears?

When I think of what I’ve listened to recently, what I enjoyed and wanted to keep forever, this comes to mind.

Two amazing ladies. Two of my favourite singers. I think I have all JLo albums and some of Shakira’s…

Time goes by. Everything changes and everything passes. Celebrities careers have ups and downs. Their personal life splashed all over tabloids across the world. But one constant remains – their music.

Their fans, like myself, got a gift of a decade when those two ladies came on stage. I have no idea who organised this event, nor do I care. All I care about is the sight, the sound, the emotion.

And I got plenty.

Singing along with them, watching them, as if the time is powerless when it comes to those two, was a joy.

I wanted to save this clip, to share it, to post it, to memorise it forever. To make sure it is here at any time to return to. To feel the rush over and over again.

Stay safe. Listen to the music

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