Notes from Quarantine – Part 14 – Tempo

Dear Readers,

It is all about movement or lack of. Do you think we are moving even when we are stationary? Well.

We move as Earth moves around the sun, as the Sun moves from East to West. Time does not stop, even if we do. We move in time.

As the prompt for today says, ‘we all march to the beat of our inner drummer’. Thinking of this prompt I realised that my ‘inner drummer’ is ocean.

I need to come to the beach to listen to the waves. Once my breathing and heart bit are in tune with the waves, I can live another day, month, a year. I will have to come back once I begin to feel restless again.


What do they say about fire, water and… you know, something about being able to look at these entities endlessly…

It is ocean for me. Thankfully, I live in driving distance to ocean shoreline. However, during the quarantine coming to the beach is a big NO NO. Thus, I can only rely on my tapes. Yes, I do tape ‘ocean music’ with my phone, every time I am at the water. It soothes, calms and restores me.

What can I say, ocean song is my TEMPO.

Relax, enjoy, repeat

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