NFQ – Part 15 – Note

Dear Readers,

No it is not a tautology in the title of the post. The Discover Prompt for today is NOTE.

It is all about writing. It is all about amazing world of stationery. It is all about notebooks, notepads, copybooks, exercise books and journals. Did you guess I am a stationery freak?

I am and I am happy to admit it. If I see a beautiful piece of stationery I absolutely have to have it. More over, I passed this ailment through my genes over to my daughter.

stationery freak

On top of my addiction to stationery, I write. I note, I jot, I jot down and note for future use. I note quotes from the books I am reading. I write huge To-be-read lists. I even started noting bits of dialogue from TV series (I taped a bit of a dialogue of Young Pope the other day).

(c) SBS on Demand

When I think of it, I have so many notes lying around my house, so many notebooks started ‘for future use’ that I will never live long enough to use them all…

What is your trick? How do you keep on top of your notes? Do you use them? Do you forget them and start afresh.

I can’t… Everything I do, see, watch, read, experience…. is interrupted with ‘I need to write this down’…

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