NFQ – Part 16 – Elixir

Dear Readers,

I hope you are fine. I hope you have had your morning coffee and have awaken to start new day. And today it is Monday…

Even though in the conditions of the quarantine Monday is not much different to Wednesday or even Friday, still, it is good to remember that Monday starts a fresh week. Plan, dream, structure…. and do it all armed with the best elixir in the world – good coffee.

Discover Prompt ‘ELIXIR’ made a very clear sense to me – COFFEE. It is all about coffee. It is all about my relationship with coffee. In my post about SCENT(S) I wrote about smell of coffee. It is associated with home, with home town, with my childhood… Yes, I am addicted from the very early age.

I was about 9 when I started having morning lightheadedness and getting headaches… I was diagnosed with low blood pressure. My grandmother could not find a treatment better then a huge (about 350 ml) cup of coffee with milk in the morning… And I was hooked.

I was hooked on smell, on bitter taste, on the colour on the fact that I was allowed ‘adult drink’… And my life-long relationship with brown smooth bitter and strong elixir has began.

I’ve tried to quit numerous times to no avail. I know I can not have coffee when pregnant. I wanted my child so much and for her to be healthy and strong that I stopped drinking coffee out cold. But I know what it feels like to return to the habit. After I stopped breastfeeding and had my first cup of coffee…. I saw the world differently. I woke up. I was a brand new person… I am not joking.

Living in Melbourne I am utterly spoiled for coffee. Melbourne is the capital of coffee in Australia. We have thousands of cafes and hundreds of coffee bean brands. We are coffee snobs.

Travelling around the world I drink coffee everywhere I am. I’ve tried famous Bali Kopi Luwak – the most expensive coffee made from furry animals’ poop. I did not like it at all. It was too bland for me.

I’ve tried huge mugs of coffee in Prague and Berlin, unusual Raf coffee in Russia, unbelievably bad concoctions in Singapore and Seoul and burnt to death coffee in LA. But nothing compares to Melbourne coffee. And nothing compares to that coffee from childhood.


Coffee is ELIXIR when it is not just about the drink itself but is about setting, company, memories and emotions. It is as much about chairs in the cafe as it is about quality of the bean. It is about what you remember and new memories you are making while drinking coffee.

That is why I absolutely despise the notion ‘go with him for a cup of coffee’… I can understand having a coffee meeting with a colleague, but having a coffee date with the person you do not know.. No way. A cup of coffee is way too important, private, intimate and deep experience for this… Count me mad, but this is me…

Stay safe. Have a cup of coffee


(c) Copyright note: The Featured Image is from German On-line Coffee Store ‘Der Speciality Coffee’

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