NFQ – Part 18 – Hidden

Dear Readers,

In time of crisis, if I have the opportunity to step away from stress and havoc, I always end up being thankful to the crisis itself.

What a crisis is good for:

  • sifting out rubbish from your life
  • showing the true value and essence of people around you
  • showing you what you are capable off
  • showing you how little one one need to be happy
  • extending your reserves
  • extending your imagination and creativity
  • highlighting what needs fixing or sorting out
  • giving you time and space to do a 360 on your life, work, friends (whatever you need)


But the most important thing a crisis does – sifting out rubbish (be it situations, things, or people) in your life. My life experiences have proven this again and again.

Crisis is like a big magnifying glass. It reveals what is HIDDEN behind smiles and ‘how are yous’. It reveals who is true and who is false. On the other hand, it reveals whom you need and whom you truly love. Yes, it works both ways.

Trying times are like the photographic process where chemicals reveal image in layers and fix it at the end. Crisis reveals shortcomings or ignorance, wrong attitude or selfishness. But most importantly, it reveals pretenders and made up friends.

I have to admit I’ve been guilty of making up friends where there were none. And difficult times are the best times of shuttering these false images and characters. It’s not even those people fault but my own, as false friends burns at both ends: we make them up or they pretend to be our friends… However, the shuttering and breaking hurts regardless.

So, I am truly thankful to crisis of any shape and form for revealing hidden truths about many things in our lives…

Stay well. Stay true

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