Going back to basics

Dear Readers,

Today I started at Blogging University run by WordPress. And I’ve started right at the beginning – Blogging Fundamentals.

Why? Why not. It is never late to learn something new. And quarantine is the best time to learn something at leisury pace.

Thus, my first task given to me by University is to write ‘Why am I blogging’ post.

Spread your wings


  1. I write because I write (to misquote one of my favourite Musketeers).
  2. I blog because I write all the time
  3. I blog book reviews because I am committed BOOKAHOLIC and read extensively and review for NetGalley, Goodreads and various book review sites and organisations (Book Sirens, etc.)
  4. I blog about my travels because I want to share what I saw, found, loved or not with other like-minded people
  5. I blog about girl power, lifehacks and various life wisdoms and lessons to share my personal experience, learnings and conclusions. Hope it helps others…
  6. And yes, I blog because I want people to read my stories, get information, support, encouragement, sense of community (it is not just you who feels this way)
  7. Ha, I blog about so many different things simply because I am GEMINI and am proud of it…

Smile, life is too funny to frown

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