NFQ – Part 19 – Team

Dear Readers,

When I saw today’s Discover Prompt – TEAM, I wanted NOT to write a post. I could not think of a team. I could not make up a team of superheroes I wanted to be part of. It is more about duos for me or…

We are all LONE

We are all LONE. At the end of the day we come back to ourselves. We need to live with ourselves. We need to sleep, wake, eat…

Yes, as humans, we are social creatures. Yes, teamwork is great. Watching all these crime shows I know how important, exciting and amazing teamwork can be.

Yes, we need to belong. We need to be part of a team, of a tribe, of an entity…


These trying times showed us that we need to be with OURSELVES first. A person can not survive lockdown if a person can not live with oneself.

  • we need to learn to be alone with ourselves
  • we need to love ourselves enough to be alone for prolonged time
  • we need to have many and varied interests and hobbies to keep ourselves interested
  • we need to want to be by ourselves to be strong, independent and resilient.

Yes, it is good to rely on outside forces for comfort and entertainment. But what if those forces abandon us? A breakup, restructure, betrayal, change of jobs or… pandemia, like now? What then?

Do we go crazy? Do we kill ourselves? Do we commit a crime? No way. We learn to survive. We learn to be with the only person that is there – ourselves.

Loneliness is not an ugly beast. Loneliness is a hard work and a great result…

Stay safe. Stay Sane.

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