NFQ – Bin Isolation Outing

Dear Readers,

In one of my posts I wrote about a very creative arty group on Facebook where members re-create famous works of arts, posters, movies and even cartoons.

Today I was invited to a very peculiar but no less funnier, creative, amazing and so much needed group – Bin Isolation Outing

This group started off in Australia but quickly took over the world. It’s creators’ statement states the following:

So basically the bin goes out more than us SO let’s dress up for the occasion! Fancy dress, makeup, tutu… be creative! Post photos to cheer us up 😝 after all laughter is the best medicine 😷Please note that this is a PG rated group for people to dress up and take out their bins. This may involve themes that you don’t necessarily agree with or want your children to see. Please use appropriate parental guidance and discretion when sharing with your children

I have seen images of famous and ordinary people doing extraordinary things while taking out rubbish bins (We do it on Sunday night in our council).

One of my favourite Aussie writers (creator of Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher) Kerry Greenwood and her wizard husband posted one such creation recently.

My boss mentioned this new art form in one of our catch up meetings. Moreover, Forbes gives it an honourable mention in one of its ‘virtual’ travel articles by Kaeli Conforti

Who am I to disagree? So, I’ve joined in. And what amazing things people can come up with when they have time to pause, reflect and look for something (anything) to do to feel sane.

This video ticks all the boxes and more. It is by Janette Vallance from New Zealand.

I guess you have to watch this space to see me doing something silly and amazing.

I will try my best.

Stay Safe. Stay Sane

(c) Featured Image is of Maureen Baldwin, a member of Bin Isolation Outing Group

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