NFQ – List

Dear Readers,

What can I say? I can write PhD thesis on list, about lists and for the sake of the lists.

I’ve learn to write lists and tick them off earlier than I learnt how to complete those lists… way earlier.

Thanks to my ability to write lists I was able to complete all my assignments at school and at uni on time. I even managed to impress my Professor when writing MA thesis with a very extensive plan/list of that very thesis.

Lists are such an amazing, visual tool to help you to keep your sanity. Once you break up your tasks into lots of tiny, one-move tasks and write them all down and then will start ticking them off one by one… Your list will start looking accomplished very quickly. And you will be able to give yourself a pat on the back for being such an amazing ‘to do’ person.

Try it.

  • Get yourself a nice piece of stationery. There are millions of pre-designed ‘to do’ lists of any shape, form, colour and texture.
  • And get yourself a pen. Find a pen that fits your hand perfectly. Find a pen that writes the way you like in the colour that suits your ‘goal setting’ mood
  • Put these tools next to your bed or on your desk (any place will do as long as this placement will trigger ‘to do’ attitude)
  • Start your list first thing in the morning.
  • List every little thing you need to do, even – taking out rubbish- or – exfoliating your face- – Every little thing counts
  • Make sure you have enough space on your list for a very fat TICK or a tiny CROSS
  • Get a different colours pens for crossing out complete tasks and putting ticks or crosses.
  • Cross out complete tasks as you go along
  • And enjoy a very positive piece of reading in the evening – a very nice looking list with crossed out lines and lines of tasks
  • Spoil yourself with something you like
  • Repeat the next morning

NOTE: do not worry if you did not complete absolutely all tasks on the list. Move them over to the next day.

Not everything depends on us. Some things can’t be completed without other people’s doing their bit… Relax. The world was not built in a day.

My bullet journal story

The natural progression from list-writing is getting into Bullet Journaling… However, I am yet to master this art. I do have the journal and lots of nice stationery to go with it. However, I keep forgetting to update my journal. I guess I need to put it on the list)))

Stay Safe. Write a List.

(c) Featured image is from Forbes online

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