NFQ – Part 20 – Focus

Dear Readers,

I have been reading other bloggers’ posts on Discover Prompt – FOCUS. The common thread of the posts written during COVID19 Quarantine is – UNFOCUS.

People are unable to focus on anything:

  • Parents are not able to focus on work if kids are ‘learning from home’ and are at home all day and demand attention
  • Workers are unable to focus on work because getting out of bed and walking all the way to the desk does not create ‘work’ attitude – it is ‘pajama’ attitude’ in all of us
  • Readers are unable to focus on reading a book as there are so many other books that they want to be able to finish during this time of prolonged ‘staycation’

Me, personally, can admit to all of the above and more. Initially, I could not focus on anything as I had no idea what will happen next day, hour, minute. I could not plan.

I can’t function if I can’t plan ahead. I can’t function if I do not know when one period finishes and another begins. I always lived in stages (aiming for bright future that is).

However, this period of isolation, quarantine, working and studying from home, social distancing, fear and anxiety is teaching me not to plan. But I am yet to learn to focus in the vacuum of not planning…

With nothing really to do, I hardly find time to do anything….

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