Stories within stories

Dear Readers,

Today’s assignment from Blogging University us to explain my blog’s title.

SnowQueenSVT page


The title is very easy to decipher:

  • Svetlana Vladimirovna Tishchenko – my name – SVT
  • Snow Queen is the avatar, pseudonym, identity, if you like that I decided to adapt and adopt
    • Once upon a time my little daughter asked me why Snow Queen is so cold and evil. Doesn’t anyone love her? I thought on it and thought on some more and decided to write a fairy-tale on the origins of Snow Queen.
    • My Snow Queen started of as a very nice and sweet fairy who fell in love with the human. This human broke her heart. And to heal her broken heart Snow Queen travelled to the end of the world to freeze.
    • She found peace and quiet in the ice and snow. Also, she found power and control.
  • We all start out as naive open-eyed babies. Life changes us in millions of ways. But, it’s a matter of going back to the origins, to the roots of the problem that is so important and interesting. Thus, Snow Queen SVT was born – a puzzle, a riddle, a circle, a Pandora Box, a set of endless layers (as every story and every person has mirriad of layers of stories – Stories within Stories

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