My Dream Reader

Dear Readers,

My assignment for today is to create an image of my perfect reader – My Dream Reader.

I can definitely start with McDreamy and McSteamy…


But no… This one is more my type of guy

But I veered off the subject completely. We are not to talk about Dream Men, we are to talk about Dream Readers….

I guess, my Dream Reader would be my mirror image:

My Dream Reader is a bookaholic like me (reads in many genre and several books simultaneously). They love life and people. They love stories, both listening to them and sharing them. They see a story everywhere and in every thing. They have values, albeit a bit on the old-fashioned side. They love their families and their homes. They love to travel and to talk about travels. They love food and can’t live without coffee and chocolate.

Chocolat. The movie

And yes, they like movies, cafes, theatre and TV (not free to air as such, but good drama and crime drama to boot).

All in all, my Dream Readers love life and love sharing their stories.

Love and share.

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