NFQ – Grateful

Dear Readers,

What a way to complete Discover Prompts project? GRATEFUL is the word for today. Let’s think on it.


I am grateful that all my girls are with me during this quarantine. I am grateful that we stayed together and during this time of isolation we have each other to lean on to, to chat to, to hug and to look after. I would have been beside myself if my my lived separately or if my daughter would have moved out of the house.

I am grateful that I have work to go to (from my bedroom to my desk) and a payslip every week. In these crisis, employment and regular wage is a blessing. Once the lockdown will be lifted, we all will start thinking of moving forward. But for now, what we have is great.

I am grateful for living in suburban Melbourne were people are not on top of each other. Where streets were quiet before the lockdown. Thus, there is no shocking change, really.

I am grateful that I’ve grown up from extreme extrovert into mild introvert. I can be with myself. I can keep myself busy. I am interesting to myself. I do not need outside forces to keep me going. And during the quarantine I began to feel good about being introvert and not needing to rely on friends and social life to make me whole. What an amazing feelings.

This time of crisis has provided a number of learning for me personally, for my family and for the whole community. I hope they are mostly positive for all of us.

We live and learn.

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