75 Years of VDay

Dear Readers,

9th May 2020 marks 75 Anniversary of VDay – the day WWII ended in Europe, the Victory Day all people born, raised, lived in the ex-USSR consider one of the holiest and most important event of the century(ies).

This year, instead of massive events, flashmobs and parades in many countries across the globe we celebrated VDay differently. As everything else in our unprecedented time of isolation, social distancing and quarantine, we had to come up with creative ways to commemorate this day and date.

Melbourne celebrated VDay with flowers at the War Memorial. Also, a honorary plague was unveiled on 7th May to commemorate soldiers from the ex-USSR and their part in the Victory.

Community groups, clubs and societies across the state and whole of Australie brought flowers to the WWII Memorial

All the borders, time and obstacles ceased to exist when Interactive Concert streamed life on Youtube united people in front of TV. Organised by Rustalk TV, the concert brought together artists and celebrities from all over the world.

We all have our story. We all have our memory.

Here is mine. My grandad and grand-uncle and aunt. They are so young. They are so beautiful. The whole lives are in front of them. But… their lifes were changed on the sunrise of 22nd June 1941. For some of them, the life was cut short…

Lest we forget…

WWII song performed by artists from different countries

Most of the WWII veterans have passed on by now. It is up to the generation of my parents and my own to pass the story on, to pass the memory, the essence, the imortance.

We will remember. We will appreciate. And we will commemorate.

Happy VDay to us all.

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