NFQ – Mother’s Day

Dear Mums,

18 years and a bit ago I became Mum. 18 years ago I celebrated my first ever Mother’s Day. Many things happened and changed since then. But Mother’s Day became a sort of ‘seesaw’ tradition in our family. I celebrate my Mum and I celebrate my motherhood…

If you ask my daughter, she has a different opinion. Yes, she celebrates her grandma and mum. But she also claims to be a mother herself – to her cat. Thus, she believes she is intitled to presents and special breakfast.

Well, I cater to both of my precious ladies and celebrate them both. We all get a special breakfast/brunch/lunch… no mater what. Quarantine or not.

This year amazing people from Danish Nosh and Tea Leaves Sassafrass came to the rescue. Danish Nosh organised special brunch with lots of yummy things. Tea Leaves came through with prompt delivery of Mum’s present. I thank them and their amazing and hard-working staff for making this Mother’s Day a very special indeed.

Stage 3 restrictions are being slowly lifted in the state of Victoria (Australia). Now we can gather in groups of 5 or even 10 people, come for a visit, celebrate. But cafes and restaurants are not open yet. Plus, the anxiety and, to be honest, fear of infection still hangs very tangibly over our heads. Thus, this Mother’s Day we stayed home and celebrated motherhood and unconditional love we give our children in our PJs.

Remembering special moments of our journey into motherhood mum and I shared with Victoria (my daughter) many funny moments. But what I said to her at the very end of our brunch still resonates with me and makes me very warm and tingly inside.

When I had you, my world has change. I became invincible. I am afraid of noone and of nothing any more. I am MOTHER.

Dear Mums, may you be healthy and happy in your motherhood. May you be strong and wise. May you be invincible SuperWomen we all are as soon as we hear the first cry of our freshly-born baby be it our first or our n-th…

Happy Mother’s Day to us all.

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