Tumbling Tuesday – Routine

Tumbling – move or rush in a headlong or uncontrolled way

When you get up in the morning, you tumble. You are not fully awake yet. But you are pushed headlong by your commitments and routine. I won’t tell you anything new if I tell you that most of your morning routine can be done with the eyes closed (not awake).

It’s all been done so many times before you even know where your toothbrush is and will be able to find it by touch rather than by sight. And you might even remember where you left your laptop last night (in very peculiar place that is).

Every morning I go through the same quarantine routine. Yes, I have more time now that I do not have to rush and adhere to train timetable. But, routine is routine and it needs to be completed first thing in the morning.

Alarm off. Fitbit on. Dog out. Cats fed. Kettle on. Shower. First glass of water. Work laptop on. Work…

At what point do I wake up fully? I have no clear indication. I believe it is after my first cup of coffee.

Once I tumble out of bed and tumble through my morning routine, I can start gathering my thoughts for the day. Once I do that, my thoughts would wake me up. That’s for sure…

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