Welcome Wednesday – @Rethinking Life

Dear Readers,

We, humans, are social creatures. We, bloggers, are hyper-social creatures. Even though we might be cemented introverts and are only ‘talking’ to our laptops while writing our posts, we still want a community. We still want recognition and appreciation. And this wonderful and amazing flow has to be both ways. Otherwise, it is not going to work or bring joy.

I follow a lot of different blogs and Instagram accounts. Some of them because I know the owners themselves. Some of them for aesthetic or information value.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

When I feel like I need more I use magic ‘search’ option. Never underestimate ‘search’. Sometimes I feel there are fairies and wizards sitting somewhere behind and are reading my thoughts….

Today, I searched for ‘imagination’… and the very first post that came up was exactly this – IMAGINATION by @hitandrun1964. This post spoke to me and spoke my language.

Yes, we all need imagination. We need to save and to foster imagination in our children. I know from personal experience how important power of imagination is – it is a tool and a shield that can help you to overcome so many of life’s obstacles and hurts.

Anyhow, my recommendation for this WELCOME WEDNESDAY is – @hitandrun1964 with RETHINKING LIFE

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