NFQ – New Excuses

Dear Readers,

When today my cat jumped on my laptop in the middle of Skype training session and created a visual and communication havoc on both screens and across the network, I had to apologise and make excuses… I could not come up with anything better then ‘my cat jumped on my keyboard’…

With another working from home week over, I think it is time to draw up a list of QUARANTINE EXCUSES (some of them might even remain post-lockdown).

Here is my suggestion of a list. Feel free to add your ideas.

  • My cat jumped on my keyboard (thus, I can’t possibly continue with the meeting and need to re-load)
  • My cat is sleeping half-way on my keyboard (thus, I can’t for the life of me continue with the taks)
  • My dog is sleeping and is so cute all wrapped up in blankets (I can’t work as I am mellowing with love and am greening with envy)
  • PJ is the new corporate look, didn’t you get a memo?
  • It’s my working from home hair (unwashed and unstyled)
  • I had to take a break to walk around the house to get my FitBit steps up
  • I had to put my mike on mute as I was having my breakfast/coffee/lunch/snack
  • My daughter just came in to print her assignment, I need to go to ‘mute’
  • I do not wear pants anymore I do ZOOM meetings
  • A blanket excuse – ‘CONNECTION PROBLEMS’
  • This is not disgusting – this is my ‘isolation beard’
  • I was late for the meeting because my bed is too far from the desk and my blanket did not want to let me go
  • I could not be bothered working today because today is ‘blanket-coffee-book’ day all day

I would be so very grateful to you if you can send me more suggestions for ‘NEW EXCUSES’ list

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