Tumbling Tuesday – I spy

Tumbling – move or rush in a headlong or uncontrolled way

I read somewhere that one should spend time reading useful literature first thing in the morning rather than browse social media. Well, this is good it theory… But.

First thing in the morning I do a lot of things. One of them – checking social media. I am connected everywhere: my phone, my tablet and my laptop. I know this is bad, way bad. I do take ‘digital sabbatical’ every now and then. But I am still connected. And first thing in the morning I do exactly that – check it out.

Today ‘I spy with my little eye…

The very first post I read today was from y Facebook friend in New Zealand Svetlana Fisher. It is a very light and funny post about isolation and being depressed… or not.

One can only take so much of worries, anxieties, troubles, complaints, woes and tears… especially if they are not one’s own.

All of us have these ‘special’ friends who use us as a sound-board or rather a pillow to cry, complain and whine. These people never stop to think that 1) we have problems too and 2) Not everything is so gloomy. And when we (as the lady in the story) look on the bright side of things, we become enemies to the whiners and complainers…

Thus, let’s have a huge cup of coffee with an ‘antidepressant’ be it a piece of cake, a biscuit, a toast and look on the bright side. Yes, we are in isolation. Yes, pandemia is raging across the world. But what’s the point of whining? Does it help? Does it change anything?

Have a nice morning coffee…

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