Welcome Wednesday – @The Strong Traveller

Dear Readers,

Today I give to you @The Strong Traveller.

I came across this blog only a few days ago. They liked my post. I went to their blog and liked some of theirs. Also, I found there a post to my heart content – Top 10 Places to Visit and Activities to Do When in Edinburgh

If you follow my blog, you know how much I ‘miss’ Edinburgh thanks to Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin. Yes, they have two polar opposite versions of the city: one is warm and cozy and the other is hard, tough and gloomy. But somehow, somewhere, both of these versions penetrated my shell and got stuck inside. I miss the city I’ve never been to.


The post by The Strong Traveller’s guest blogger Vidal D’costa is all about wonders of Scottish Capital. It is about sights and food, music and secrets. All in all, it’s a must read for those of us wishing and dreaming of post-Quarantine travel and bucket lists.

Leith. Image by Pixabay

The Strong Traveller has lots and lots of posts on various topics and welcomes guest bloggers. Just stop by to have a look and decide for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Wednesday – @The Strong Traveller

  1. Thank you for this lovely post & for sharing about my travel piece on Edinburgh with so many others. I hope you get to visit this lovely place someday as I did. Stay safe 💖


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